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Decision Making Problems - Introduction

Decision Making is another section in the exams which is very scoring and needs very less efforts in preparation. Though you must, acquaint yourself with the pattern beforehand. Howsoever easy the section or the pattern may be, it is always wise to have a look at what it says than to be taken by surprise in the examination hall.
IN this section the purpose of the examiner is to check how able you are in deciding what to do and what not to do or what is accurate and what is wrong, not according to what you might think is right or wrong or what he/she might think right or wrong, not according to any moral values (unless said) what is right or wrong. But you have to decide according to the situation and the rules you are told. You have to see who abides by the rules and who violates. When the rules are met, you will do as you are told to. And if rules are not met, you will again do as you are told to. This is nothing complex it is so easy. REMEMBER – YOU ARE JUST TO DECIDE AS PER THE RULES GIVEN TO YOU.
For example – like to recruit a manager three people apply. And you are said that the manager must have these conditions – 60% in graduation or 55% in post-graduation. And two people appear one has 55% in graduation and second has 59%. But one has 59% in post-graduation, second has not done post-graduation. Now just observe that doing post-graduation is not mandatory here. Even a person if comes with more than 60% in graduation can be eligible. However if two persons come of whom one has more than 60% in graduation and the second person has 55% in graduation but 90% in post-graduation. You will not give the preference to 90% just because his marks are more. The condition just said minimum marks eligible. So here both were eligible. To decide the next step of action you should look in what is to be done next in the instructions. Suppose there was one more criterion that the candidate must also know computer knowledge. And if of these both eligible one does not know computer, then he is disqualified and other is taken forward. But suppose here also both are eligible then the condition says recommend the case to Director. Then you will give the names of both candidates to the Director General for consideration, because you according to the rules cannot go out of the way to make discretion on your own behalf and select one.
For Solved Examples follow the next post.

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