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Reasoning Question - Person Sitting in Circle - Indian Overseas Bank PO selected question


Sub Topic - Person Sitting in a Circle

Directions – A,B,C,D,E,F,G & H are sitting in a circle facing the centre. Each of them has a different profession viz. Doctor, Engineer, Architect, Pilot, Banker, Teacher, Businessman & Politician.

          The politician sits third to the right of G. C is an immediate neighbour of G. Architect sits second to the right of C. B sits third to the right of H. H is neither a politician nor an architect. Only one person sits between C and teacher. A & F are immediate neighbours of each other. Neither A nor F is a politician. Doctor sits second to the right of A. Two people sit between D and Engineer. D is not a politician. Pilot is not an immediate neighbour of politician. Banker sits second to the left of A.

1.   Who amongst the following is a businessman?


2.   What is the position of F w.r.t. the politician?

(1)Immediate Right
(2)Third to left
(3)Second to Right

(4)Fourth to Left
(5)Second to Left

3.   Who sit(s) exactly between teacher and engineer?

(1)C & H
(2)Only Politician
(3)Only Doctor
(4)C & B

(5)The architect & Banker

4.   Which of the following is true w.r.t the given seating arrangement?

(1)D is an immediate neighbour of G
(2)G is a Banker

(3)The Banker and Teacher are immediate neighbours of each other

(4)Pilot sits exactly between Architect and Business man

(5)Doctor sits second to the right of Businessman

5.   What is the profession of G?


6.   Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on their given seating arrangement and thus form a group. Which one of the following five does not belong to the group.

(1)G – Doctor
(2)E – Architect
(3)H – Businessman

(4)E – Politician
(5)D – Pilot

7.   What is the profession of G?



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