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Numerical Ability Clerical Bank Exams PO Recruitment Questions


Candidates aspiring for Bank PO but weak in basic aptitude and Reasoning should also find it useful.

1. Which letter when placed at the sign of interrogation shall complete the matrix?

 A D H

 F I M

 ? N R

 (a) P

(b) N

(c) K

(d) O

            Ans (c)

2. Which letter when placed at the sign of interrogation shall complete the matrix?

 A M B N

 R C S D

 E U F ?

 (a) T

(b) F

(c) V

(d) R

            Ans (c)

3. Which number when placed at the sign of interrogation shall complete the matrix?

 1 4 9 ?

 1 2 3 4

 2 4 6 ?

 (a) 16 and 8

(b) 36 and 4

(c) 25 and 5

(d) 49 and 7

 Ans (a) First line is the square of 1  2  3  4  and the third line is multiplied by two the same pattern of 1  2  3  4

4. Calculate value of each word by the following formula:

 Consonants = (2 × Position of the letter in alphabet) - 1

 Vowels = (3 × Position in alphabet) + 1


 (a) 77

(b) 79

(c) 83

(d) 80

 Ans (d) – Add all the values here

5. In a certain code language, 'po ki top ja' means 'Usha is playing cards'; 'Kop ja ki ma' means 'Asha is playing tennis'; ki top sop ho' means 'they are playing football'; and 'po sur kop' means 'cards and tennis'. Which word in that language means 'Asha'?

 (a) ja

(b) ma

(c) kop

(d) top

 Ans (a)

6. A girl was born on September 6, 1970, which happened to be a Sunday. Her birthday has again fall on Sunday in

(a) 1975

(b) 1976

(c) 1977

(d) 1981

 Ans (d)
7. A long rope has to be cut to make 23 small pieces. If it is double folded to start with how many times does it need to be cut?

 (a) 9

(b) 23

(c) 11

(d) 12

            Ans (c) Remember first time it will become two pieces à Next time it will become 4 pieces and so on.

8. There are 19 hockey players in a club. On a particular day 14 were wearing the hockey shirts prescribed, while 11 were wearing the prescribed hockey pants. None of them was without either hockey pants or hockey shirts. How many were in complete hockey uniform?

 (a) 8

(b) 6

(c) 9

(d) 7

Ans – (b) 6

9. In a class room three fourth of the boys are above 160 cm in height and they are 18 in number. Also out of the total strength, the boys form only two third and the rest are girls. The total number of girls in the class is

 (a) 18

(b) 24

(c) 12

(d) 30

 Ans (c)

10. A girl earns twice as much in December as in each of the other months. What part of her entire year's earning does she earn in December?

(a) 2/11

(b) 2/13

(c) 3/14

(d) 1/6

 Ans (b)


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