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READY FOR IIT JEE 2012 ? By: Mathematicsplus

5 Simple Questions to Test Your Preparation
Are You ready For IIT – JEE / AIEEE

Q1. The point which divides the line joining two points (1,2) & (3,4) in the ration1:1 externally.
Q2. If the one edn of diameter is Origin and the center is (5,5). Find the other end of the diameter.
Q3. The distance of the Point (x,y) from the Y axis is _______ ?
Q4. Given the points A(0,4) & B(0,-4), then find locus of point P such that |AP-BP|=6
Q5. Find the mirror image of the line ax+by+c=0 in the mirror lx+my+n=0 .


Q1 & Q2 are for the purpose that atleast you get some ground score. So I dont think anybody should get that wrong so I dont feel the need to solve them here.

Q3. Will confuse you. Many of you will give the answer as x. Mind it its not x . It is modulus of x. So answer is |x|. Because what happens when x<0. You dont have negative distance I suppose. So we have to take care and give |x| as answer.

Q4. Let P is x(x,y)
so easily you can solve now.
Put it in the formule. You will get some equation and then just try to simplify it as much as you can. Nothing big deal. If modulus makes you confuse. Then just square both sides. It will help you avoid ambiguity sign.

Q5. This is the real question where I want you to labor.
If I solve this, it damages the purpose of putting such a question to test.
But I must also guide you how to solve such types. So I will just give you the hints.
HINT: You have two lines. Get their point of intersection. The mirror line must pass through this. Now Next. There are many ways to solve it. Take a point on the line . Any point . And then find its mirror image. Here you get second point. So using this point and the point of intersection you can get the mirror image line.
Seconf possibility is that you strraight forward try to get the slope of the mirror line because the mirror will be the bisector of the two lines - the original line and the mirror image line.
Another possibility to try is just see the angle between the original line and the mirror and then rotate the mirror by same angle further in the same direction. But if you are not well known to rotation of straight line it is better to follow the simple methods.

The exact solution part is upto the readers. You can share it among yourself in comments. You are free.