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Decision Making Problems - Examples -SOLUTION

Solution with Explanation

Answer -1 –Surinder paji has worked as professor. But not mentioned where ? In any Engg College or not.

            Cant Decide – Option 5.

Answer – 2 – Rakesh Yadav has degree in electrical (>60%) – Ok .  Age is Ok.  Masters degree Ok. Work Exp =  Ok

            Apart he has done Ph.D in Electronics. So if you think to recommend his name to DEAN & HOD of Electronics u r wrong. He has qualified all criterion and needs to be selected immediately. U will exercise the option of recommending only when certain specified condition is not met. So here option is 1.

Answer – 3 – Moon Inder Singh’s age is Ok. Degree is Not Ok.

Case Rejected . Option 2.

Asnwer 4 – Rajinder Dhillon’s Graduation is Ok. Age is Ok. Master’s is Okay. But his work exp is Assistant Proffessor for 10 years in Engg college. Recommend his name to DEAN.

Answer 5 -  Geetika Mukherjee has forgot to mention her BTech Marks. So we cant decide. So option 5.

Answer 6 – Shalini age is eligible. Bachelor’s degree in electrical in first division (means >60%) – Okay. Her work exp is 5 years as Professor. But where ? In the same college which is recruiting & it is Engg college. So it is also okay. She has PhD in Electronics subject but her master degree is not mentioned. So Recommend to DEAN & HOD Of Electronics together. Option 4.

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