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Decision Making Problems - Example

Since you have already gone through the Introduction to what actually the section of Decision Making is about in the Introduction Part. I assume here that you are now ready to proceed with an example.
Those who have missed the introduction can check it out here or search in the archive (in previous two three posts you should find it). CHECK HERE FOR INTRODUCTION.
Directions – For getting selected as the HOD of the electrical deptt of an engg college, the management of the college has put up the following requirements.
I.                 Must hold a degree of Electrical Engg with minimum 60% marks in graduation
II.               Must have a Master’s degree relating to any of these 4 fields – Heavy Electricals, Generation, Transmission & Distribution Systems, Control System or Automation.
III.              Should not be less than 30 years of age and not greater than 50 years as on 20th Sept 2011.
IV.             Should have work experience of 4 years as Professor in an Engg College
a.     If a candidate does not fulfil condition IV, but has teaching experience as Assistant Professor in an Engg College for 10 years, you should recommend his name to DEAN.
b.     If a candidate does not fulfil condition II, but has Ph.D in any electronics subject, you should recommend the case to both the DEAN & HOD of Electronics Deptt.
Now Give your answer as
1. If you are going to select a candidate
2. If you are going to reject him.

3. If you are recommending to only DEAN
4. If you are recommending to DEAN & HOD of electronics together.
5. If you still cannot decide due to insufficient Data.

Question 1- Surinder Singh has been working as Professor for the last 10 years and has a master’s degree in heavy Electricals. He secured 75% in his grad in Electrical Engg. He was born in the year 1975.
Question 2 – Rakesh Yadav was born in the year 1970 and has passed his graduation with 63% in electrical engg and secured 50% in master’s in Control systems. He has also done his Ph.D in Electronics. He has worked as Professor in KK Engg college for the last 6 ½ years.
Question 3 – Moon Inder Singh has worked in the same institute as Assistant Professor for the last 12 years. He has passed his mechanical engg with 80% marks. Has done his Masters & Ph.D both in Automation. Born in year 1973.
Question 4 – Rajveer Dhillon has passed his electrical engg with 69% & Masters in Generation, Transmission & Distribution. He is 37 years. 10 years Working Experience is as Assistant Proffesor in Goyal Engg College.
Question 5 – Geetika Mukherjee has worked as 5 years in Engg College as Professor and has done her Ph.D in Electronics. Her Age is 35 years and she has done electrical engg from IIT Delhi.
Question 6 – Shalini has been working in the same institute for the last 5 years as Professor and want to be elevated as HOD. So she has also applied as she has completed her Ph.D in Electronics subject last year. She has also passed her bachelor of Engg in electricals in First Division. Her Age is 38 years.

Now tell in each of these four questions what decision you will take and mark the appropriate option as indicated in Instructions.
You can mention ur answers in Comments form & answers will be published tomorrow with explanatory solution

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