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Dear readers, I have sorted out some pet questions which appear in every PO paper. For the sake of referring to examples, I have gone through Haryana Gramin Bank PO Paper. Please add anything relevant you feel to ...

Selected Reasoning Questions from Haryana Bank PO

After researching on all the available resources, I have been able to find many questions from Haryana Gramin Bank PO. It must be noted that these question are based on the memory of the candidates and we must thank all the candidates for their support in helping us prepare for our future.
So here are few selected questions which I found important to discuss with the forum for preparation.

Always I have seen atleast one question is asked on this type. So you must clearly see what it actually asks.

Q1 – How many meaningful words can be formed with the letters ASCN using all the letters but each letter used only once in the word ?

a.     None

b.    One

c.     Two

d.    Three

e.     More than three

Answer – These type of questions require that you apply all possible permutations with the letters of the word. So lets do it.

ASCN – no ; ANSC – no ; CANS – yes ; SCAN –yes ;

any other combination will also not yield any meaningful  word.

So answer is two – option (c)

Read this statement and answer the following questions

            Statement – Point A is 7m towards west of point B. Point B is 3m towards North of Point C. Point D is 4m west of point C.

Q2 – A person walk 3m towards North from point D and reaches point E. How far and in which direction will he have to travel to reach point A.

a.     3m West

b.    7m East

c.     4m South

d.    10m West

e.     4m East

Answer - Look at the figure for questions’ understanding.

  You can locate each point depending on the direction.

            Answer is 3m west.


Statement – B H E M F Q A T J D L N C S P O U K I V G R

Q3 – If ‘QK’ is related to ‘FI’ & ‘SG’ is related to ‘CR’ in a certain way. Then ‘MN’ is related to what in the same way ?

a.     FL

b.    EC

c.     FC

d.    EL

e.     EF

Answer -  EC

            Hint : FI borders out QK by 1 unit away. Similarly CR borders SG so EC borders MN. These are away by one unit only. A pattern can also be made to see that they are away by two or three units, whatsoever be.

Yet another type very commonly seen is that a word is given and its alphabets are interchanged mixed, swapped with some rule. And ultimately a new word becomes. Then they will ask you what is the fifth letter from right, sixth from left and so on… Example is below

Q4 – If each of the alphabets of the word ‘RUSHED’ is arranged from Left to right in alphabetical order & each vowel is replaced in the word with the previous alphabet series (as in dictionary) and each consonant changed to the next alphabet. Which of the following will be the third from the right.

a.     I

b.    R

c.     D

d.    S

e.     T

Answer – Very Easy Question

            RUSHED    à  EDHRSU  [alphabetically arranged ]    à  DFGSTT

            The third from right is S. So answer is option (c).

Care is to be taken that you should do replacement of vowels and consonants with previous and next alphabet in the same step. Else you might possibly do the replacement of any alphabet twice because when you replace vowel in one step it becomes consonant. If you replace consonant in the next step this can also be replaced by mistake in hurry.

So take care.

Next question is like of the form they give you some word and ask how many pairs are their which have as many characters between them as they have in the English alphabetical series.

Q5 – The word is CERTAIN, how many pairs are there which have as many letters between them as between them in the English alphabetical series.

a.     None

b.    One

c.     Two

d.    Three

e.     More than Three

Answer -  The word is CERTAIN  à Look between E & I. in alphabetical series there are EFGHI. Means 3 in between characters. In the word CERTAIN also there are 3 characters between E & I  (look ERTAI)

Also look between R & N ( NOPQR) à 3 characters. In the word CERTAIN (RTAIN) also 3 characters.

I cannot find anymore. Can you ?

There is no more. So Only two such pairs are there . & answer is option (c).

In the next type commonly seen, you will be given a statement followed by conclusion. You will be asked if conclusion can be drawn from the statement or not or the conclusion is false. There can be variety of conditions, but all are easy if you understand the underlying principle. Here is an example…

Give answer (a) if only conclusion I is true.

Give answer (b) if only conclusion II is true.

Give answer (c) if either conclusion I or  II  is true.

Give answer (d) if neither conclusion I nor II is true.

Give answer (e) if both the conclusions are true.

Q6 –   Statement : A Z < Y ; B Z < P

            Conclusions :

I.                Y > P

II.              A B

Here Y & P both are greater than Z but have no relation to each other.   Conclusion I rejected.

A is greater than Z & Z is greater than or equal to B. So A is greater than or equal to B. So answer is option (b)


Statement : M < N = O  ≥ C ; X ≥ O ≥ D

Conclusions :

I.                X M

II.              C X

Here X is greater than or Equal to O, but O is surely greater than M, so X is always greater than M. Conclusion I rejected because it also says equality.

C is less than or equal to O ; & also X is greater than or equal to O so X is greater than or equal to C. Conclusion II true. Answer is option (b)

Statement : P ≤ Q < A ; T > Q ≥ V

Conclusion :

I.                P < T

II.              A > V

P is less than or equal to Q and Q is less than T. So surely P is less than T. Conclusion I true

A is greater than Q and Q is already greater than or equal to V. So A surely greater than Q is also greater than V. conclsion II also true.

Answer is (e) both are true.

Next there are question from ABCDE sitting in a circle. A is sitting opposite of C ; D is left of B; B& A are this & that.. blab la bla…. Very easy. You just make a circle and start writing who is where. Make sure when you take left or right see yourself as that person (imagine urself as that person sitting in the place and facing the centre) and then see where your left and right will be. Don’t take left right from your hands. It might be controversial.

That look too easy a question and I expect everybody to be a master in that.

So with these few questions, do you realize that you have covered a good deal of reasoning sections. If you can master the type discussed above. You will then surely crack the exam without any difficulty.


If you have any material which can be of any help to this forum and its readers, please send it to mathsprobe@gmail.com with the subject “Urgent Post My Material”.

I will upload the same with the credit to the sender. Please mention your complete name for that.
 When you start helping each other only then we can rise together.

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