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Selected Reasoning Questions For BANK PO & Clerical

Question – In a certain language "they have come back" is written as "na sa ja da" and "they have gone there" is written as "da ka na pa". How is 'come' written in that language ?
a.      da
b.      sa
c.      ja
d.      sa or ja
Answer – The two common words are they have, so look out for their translation by identifying common words. You will find 'na' & 'da' so remaining words in first clause are 'come back' which means sa or ja. But you cannot tell which will be which, so you have to mark option d.
Question – Each consonant in the word TIRADES is replaced by previous alphabet and each vowel is replaced by the next alphabet. The alphabets are the arranged alphabetically.  Which of the following will be the fourth from Right end?
a.      F
b.      J
c.      Q
d.      C
e.      None of these
Answer – TIRADES on replacement will become – SJQBCFR. If we arrange this alphabetically we get, BCFJQRS. Fourth from right is J.
Question – Pointing to girl Ram said, she is the daughter of my grandfather's only child. How is the girl related to Ram ?
a.      Sister
b.      Father
c.      Cousin
d.      Niece
e.      Data Inadequate
Answer – Ram's Grandfather is Ram's father's father. So grandfather's only child becomes Father of Ram obviously. Now daughter of the father of Ram will be sister to Ram.
Question -  In a row of 25 children, R is sixteen from right end and B is eighteen from left end. How many children are there between B & R ?
a.      2
b.      3
c.      4
d.      7
e.      None of these
Answer – R is sixteenth from right means he is 10th from left and B is 18th from left. So in between children from 11,12,… upto 17. So means 7 Children are midway.
PROBLEM – Following questions are based on these 5 three digit numbers
                              519        328        746        495        837
               Question – If half of second highest number is subtracted from third highest number what is the answer ?
a.      156
b.      146
c.      213
d.      314
e.      None of these
Answer – Means 519 – (746/2) = 146
Question – If in each number the third digit becomes the first digit, the first becomes the second and the second becomes the third digit, then which will be the first digit of the second highest number ?
Anwer -  You need not know all the new numbers. The third digit becomes the first digit. Check the second highest digit in all the last digits of the provided numbers because they after interchange will come to the first place. We can identify 9,8,6,5,7 at the last places. Second highest digit will be 8hundred something after 9 hundred something.

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