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Reasoning Ability - Statements Based Questions

Questions Based on Statements.

In Reasoning Ability there are few though not too many question which are based on statements. The statement is given and followed by some rule which can vary from paper to paper, but normally how you should tackle those is somewhat same every time. What should be kept in mind is that, this section is very thoughtful and if you hurry to answer, there will arise chances that you can mark a wrong answer but if you tackle them without anxiety and stress, you will not only mark the right answer but will also save much time from these questions because here no calculation is involved. Just thought process !

Follow the Questions carefully now !

Directions for Questions – Two statements are given for each question and you need to check the cause and effect. Not necessary that one will be cause and other effect. It can be anything, both cause, both effect or either one cause & other effect.

So Mark A if the statement I is cause and II is effect of it.
Mark B if II is the cause and I is effect.
Mark C if both I & II are independent causes.
Mark D if both statements I & II are effects of independent causes.
Mark E if both statements I & II are effects of some common cause.

Read the instructions once more carefully if not understood.

Problem 1.  
              I.     The average day temperature of the city has increased by about 2°C in the current year over the average of last 10 years.
            II.     More people living in rural areas of the state have started migrating to the urban areas in comparison to earlier years.
Problem 2.
              I.     Most of the shopkeepers in the locality have closed their shops for the second continuous day.
            II.     Two groups of people living in the locality have been fighting with each other with bricks and stones and forcing people to stay indoors.
Problem 3.
              I.     The Govt has decided to increase the prices of LPG gas cylinders with immediate effect.
            II.     The govt has decided to increase the price of petrol and diesel with immediate effect.
Problem 4.
              I.     A cyclonic storm is expected to hit the coastal areas during the next 24 hours.
            II.     Warning has been issued that heavy rains are expected in the coastal areas in the next 24 hours.
Problem 5.
              I.     Majority of the first year students of Engg college failed in Mathematics.
            II.     The management has terminated the service of the contractual mathematics teacher.

1. The increase in temp is due to some reason say climate change or pollution but that has no link to migration of people. They might be migrating because of n number of reasons poverty, jobs, social issues, disease…  So clearly I & II are effects whose causes are independent.Mark D here.

2. Clearly because of chaos the shopkeeper have been forced to stay indoors and cannot open shops. So the cause is the conflict and effect is closing of shops. Mark B here.

3. Govt has decided to raise the price of LPG, Diesel and Petrol also but reason ?? Not given here but surely the reason will be same because they all belong to same category – i.e. fuels. So Mark E.

4. Cyclone is expected to hit the coastal region so warning has been issued that their might be heavy rains. Obviously you will Mark A here.

5. Since all the students failed, the Management no longer wanted this teacher, so it terminated its services. Again Because of I statement(cause), II statement was taken into action(effect). So Mark A.

So Clearly you will see that questions are not that difficult; only if you solve it with little thought process.

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