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SIMPLE TEST FOR 10+2 Students

Here is a simple test on mathematics for class 10+2. These 5 questions will test how much hold you have on the concepts & how well prepared you are with mathematics !!!!! Don't think just jump in ! After all Mathematics never killed anyone !!!!

Knowledge of concepts needed : Functions, Differentiation & Continuity, Maxima & Minima, Graphs, Equations & Inequations, basic knowledge of Circular functions.

Question 1 (in Mathematics 10+2): If f(x)={x} + sin ax, then find the values of a for which f(x) will be periodic.

Question 2 (in Mathematics 10+2): Sketch the graph of f(x)= [sinx / √(1+ tan2x)] + [cosx / √(1+ cot2x)]

Question 3 (in Mathematics 10+2): Discuss the monotonicity of f(x) = 2x2 – log|x|

Question 4 (in Mathematics 10+2): The sum of the surfaces of sphere and cube is given. Show that the sum of the volume is least when the diameter of the sphere is edge of the cube.

Question 5 (in Mathematics 10+2): Prove that 1+x < ex < 1+x ex. for all x > 0


IIT JEE EXAM 2011- EXAM DATE 10 April 2011, Last date to Apply = 15 December 2010

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