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Geometry - Straight Lines & Triangle

Co-Ordinate Geometry

  • Centroid : Medians are concurrent (G)
  • Incentre: Int angle bisector are concurrent (I)
  • Orthocentre : Altitudes are concurrent (H)
  • Circumcentre : Perpendicular bisector are concurrent (O)
  • H,G,O are collinearG divides HO in the ratio 2:1
  • In an isoceles triangle all centres are collinear.

  1. Find the straight line passing through the point of intersection of straight lines x+y-5 = 0 and 4x-7y+10 = 0 and which is farthest from the point (2,2).
  2. Prove that a Δ having all vertices with integer co-ordinates cannot be equilateral.??

Solution: Download PDF


IIT JEE EXAM 2011- EXAM DATE 10 April 2011, Last date to Apply = 15 December 2010

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