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Counting On Matches

 There are 17 teams to play in a Game. Matches are played between two teams and No match ends is draw. The loser is out of the game and the winner stays in the game to play ahead. The matches continue to be played among the teams until one team emerges as the winner. So can you tell me how many matches will be played in all to decide the winner of the games.


It’s so simple, only if you think it practically and at the same time becomes much difficult the moment you try making any sort of equations etc.
I can explain the answer to you in a very easy way.
Suppose you and 15 of your friends come and play with me. So you all are 16 and me is the 17th person. Right.
Since No match ends in a draw, so for me to emerge as the sole Winner, I will have to play with each one of you and defeat you to return you back to pavilion. So tell me how many people I will send back if I win. Sixteen. To defeat sixteen people, then how many matches have I played ? Sixteen.
That’s it. So simple.  Bubye have a nice concept !

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