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Choosing a book for Bank PO Exam Preparation

Advice: Do not run after too many books... Run after more and more practice..

  • Here we will help you select good & sufficient books for your preparation.

First of All let me tell you very frankly there are hundreds and hundreds of books for Bank PO preparation in the market.. Ask for one , you will get ten... 

The question is not that there are too less books so what to do.. But there are tooooo many books and so what to do ??

Have a look >> Click Here for all Bank PO Books

If you have seen them ... Now proceed & we will list few out of all this jhamela...

First of All you should have previous papers becoz you need to judge the level of questions
So click here for >> Previous Papers book by K Kundan or by Kiran Publishers See Here  or 

There are many other books also you want to waste time << See Here >> Any book will do because questions will not change with publisher

If money matters you can always download the previous papers in pdf format from any site by typing in google... 
Advice: But pdf normally do not help.. because nobody opens the laptop and computer again and again while studying.. Rest what you wish

Now we move to books by section and topics

1. Aptitude

1.1 Popular Name : R.S. Aggarwal ( Go for it if & only if you have sufficient time )
1.2 By Tata McGraw Hill  ( again bulky book... opted only if you have sufficient time )
1.3 Upkar's Book ( If you are running short of time )

1.4 BEWARE ** There are hell many books on aptitude if you go searching in market.. Have a look < CLICK HERE > ... But don't bother about it.. There will still be many books entering market everyday... You will be lost if you run after them.....

2. Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation

2.1. Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency - By Arihant
2.2. Logical Reasoning - S. Chand
2.3. Logical Reasoning by Arihant
2.4. Logical Reasoning by UPSC Portal
2.5. Verbal & Non-verbal Reasoning by Arihant

Here you have to take both Data Interpretation & Reasoning Book Separately.. Go for Arihant @ No 1 & No 5

2.6 BEWARE : Apart from these if you want to confuse yourself, there are books of CAT, MAT, XAT, and many many publishers... Have  a look < Click Here for Reasoning Books >

3. English & Comprehension

3.1 English Comprehension by Arihant
3.2 Verbal Ability and English Comprehension by TMH ( recommended )
3.3 There are many books on English Comprehension.. Click Here .. But it doesn't make much difference

4. General Awareness

4.1 Banking Awareness by Arihant
4.2 Banking General Awareness by Ramesh Publishers
4.3 Banking and Financial Literacy by Kiran Prakashan ( Recommended )

Note : General Awareness of Bank PO Exam also includes a good portion of current affairs so prepare it from some magazine or newspaper
Sources to refer : Magazines - Banking And You; Mahindra's; Gk Today 
Websites : gk-material, JagranJosh, GKTODAY.in , or any magazine available from local magazine store... It doesn't make much difference because everybody copies verbatim from The Hindu newspaper.   

5. Marketing & Computer Knowledge

5.1 Marketing Aptitude - by Arihant ( Recommended )
5.2 Computer Literacy - by Kiran Publisher
5.3 Handbook on Computer Awareness by IBC Academy ( Recommended ) 

6. Practice Book

We also need some practice book. Why ? Because we will not practice in examination hall and experience a disaster.
Normally well to do candidates also do not find their names in merit list because >> NO PRACTICE WAS DONE BEFORE EXAM >> Result = Never knew how to manage time.. and then they score high in few sections and are not able to complete the last section..
>>So this is for time management practice. NOT for knowledge test <<

6.1 20 Practice Papers by Arihant ( Recommended )
6.2 15 Objective Test + CD by Disha Experts

7. Complete Manuals & Guide

If you are money conscious and cannot buy individual books, so here is still an option that you can go for complete manuals and guides.

7.1 Comprehensive Guide by Disha Publishers
7.2 Complete Success Package by Arihant (Recommended)
7.3 Second Comprehensive Guide by Disha Experts
7.4 Tata McGraw Hill Guide for Bank PO ( Recommended )
7.5 Complete Book for RRB

Note: you need not buy two two.. one is sufficient.. They normally contain all sections. Along with it you can have practice book.
 We recommend Book @ No 4 as 1st preference, otherwise @ No 2 


Normally publishers compete with each other and bring out books new editions every six months as soon as either CWE or SBI exam is conducted, so if any book shows it as out of stock you can click here and type the name of the book..

Search Bank PO Book Click here

8. For agricultural Field Officer only
Book 1 

Come back after clearing the exam :)

9. Interviews

There is no guarantee that what is written in book will help you in interview. Because interview is more of a personality test than knowledge test.
But still they give you ample of advice of things to do and not to do..
So have a look at what they say. Why take a chance after you have reached so ahead..
Advice .. Miss no opportunity.. Join some personality course. Watch news daily. Read newspaper. Take mock interviews..
And read a book for advice.
Guide to Bank interviews by Buzzing Stock Publishers

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